Monday, June 22, 2015

Anime Giantess Clip

Here's a quick clip with a giantess from the anime Hatsukoi Limited. The scene is from episode 7 of the series.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Giantess Novel and Illustrations

Thought I'd share this picture, which is now my desktop wallpaper. From what I can tell with some searching and Google Translate, I think the drawing was made by Pixiv artist DREGS as an illustration for a giantess novella by Nisinooterat (or 西のお寺のT).

    Nisinooterat's story, ジェンダーキリングーJK, is available on his Pixiv page.

Monday, June 1, 2015

"The Charm" GTS Hentai Manga

Today, we have a giantess manga called Omajinai, or The Charm. It comes to us from Kanaisei Jitenshasougyou. You may recognize his highly detailed artstyle from other shrinking manga titles like Little Me, Big She and the Handheld series.

The manga revolves around a short girl named Himawari who accidentally shrinks her friend with a charm she found in a spellbook. They soon discover that the only way to turn him back is for the two of them to have sex. Their first attempt at kissing then gets a bit out of control.

I highly recommend checking out the whole comic, especially if you like domination and mouthplay. As far as I can tell, the artist doesn't have an official site of his own, but you can find The Charm in English on a few sites, including at the links below.

It looks like there will be a second chapter, though a year has passed since the first chapter with little update. I'm certainly looking forward to seeing what comes next in the story.